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I'm an IBS-C also with GERD. Was diagnosed that last year by a few gastro doctors and all the tests taken.Last year at this time, I was bedridden with such pain that I really gave up and wanted to anything to stop the pain. Besides that, I lost 3 molars because the acid in the stomach wears down the enamel in our teeth.I had no idea that I had IBS-C......I was convinced I had colon cancer like my Dad. But, through ALL of the tests, and I've had them all, all turn out "fine". Biopsy was fine w/ endoscopy, baruim enema showed I had a "beautful colon".. it just was spastic.Since then, I've been on antispasmotics and prevacid. I've changed my eating habits to 6 small meals per day, drink 64 oz of water, cut out red meat from my diet, fried foods, things with seeds in them......etc. and I exercise each day 30-45 minutes.Although, I was making so much progress (and losing weight
, I still had that daily pain under my ribcage.Someone recently told me about oil of oregano and candida killers.It's documented that candida (yeast infection) can cause many things:depressionfatiquesinus problemsdigestion problemsSo, I thought "What the heck...I've tried it all, might as well try this" So, I started "detoxifying" my body with the supplements and eating no sugar foods, no foods with yeast in them,.......pretty bland diet. Still 6 small meals per day and water and exercise.I can honestly tell you this (for me) has taken away the pain. I KNEW it was bacterial because the antispasmotics or prevacid or aciphex or nexium....etc. wasn't working.Eliminating my diet to grains, fruits and veggies and some protein, I've "re-introduced" foods back into my body to see what's triggering the pain.If we eat the same things over and over again, our bodies can build an allergy to them. For's sugar.There are natural sugars that you can use instead of sugar. Stevia and cooking with rice syrup or fruit juices cut the sugars way down.There is also a "glycemic index" that's available on the web (yahoo comes up with a bunch) and it'll tell you what foods break down into sugar and how much.Not only do you lose weight, but you feel SOOOOOO much better, more energy, sinus has cleared pain in the stomach
So far, this has worked for me SO well and it's made me "regular" each day. Vit E is good, too.It kinda scares me when people say that they use pain killers to take away the pain. Especially vicodin, because it's found to be "addictive" and just messing around with chemicals like that takes a toll on the body. The side effects can be more taxing than the pain it's self.Try this.....just try it and see if it works for you and find out which foods trigger the pain and IBS. Some people are allergic to gluten, (celiac sprue). It just depends on the individual.I really hope this helps cuz after years of pain, I finally have HUGE Hope
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