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This is so annoying...

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I can't stand these morning meetings at my new job. On Monday morning, I sat in the meeting room waiting for the meeting to get started, and just sitting there made me anxious. I could feel that a sense of urgency could arrive at any second. The meeting got started, and that feeling lasted for a few minutes before it went away. Then I didn't have to go to the bathroom for the rest of the day! Ridiculous!Then on Wednesday morning, basically the same thing happened. I felt anxious when the meeting started, so I sat there trying to remain calm even though I thought I might have to run to the bathroom at any moment. Finally after 5 minutes or so that feeling went away. And I didn't have to go to the bathroom for the rest of the day. Crazy.Then this morning, I had to attend a training session at a different place, and while I was driving there I got the feeling that I might get some urgency. When I arrived at the place, I had time to go to the bathroom, but I knew nothing would happen if I tried to go, because I didn't have any urgency, I only felt like I might get urgency soon. So for the first 1.5 hours of the training, I just sat there with the feeling that I might get urgency, and I was telling myself to remain calm. Finally it went away around lunch time. And I didn't have to go for the rest of the day. How annoying is that.I hate this.
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Ugh! I HATE that feeling! I call it feeling dodgy, where you don't have pains exactly but it feels like you might get one at any moment and have to race to the loo. Usually I too get them when I'm somewhere and I have to sit for a bit and the only thing to think about is how dodgy I'm feeling
I do get it at home too though it doesn't seem so bad there!
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I get that sometimes too although if I do I know I'm going to have a BM. But sometimes the urge passes and I'm fine. Very annoying.
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