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this may seem a wierd question but....

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After a attack - i suffer from D and C, but i mean after a D attack... for the next couple of hours do any of you seem to need to go for a pee quite often? more often than norrmal?If so does anyone know why this happens?
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Please? anyone? i just need to know if it is part of IBS or if it is sumthing else - like a bladder problem.....
I tend have the same issues, though I don't really have to urinate. The sensation is just from all the spasms going on in that region. If it's painful when you urinate you may also have a urinary tract infection. Try drinking some Cranberry juice (at least 27% cranberry juice) for a few days. If you have an antispasmotic (bentyl, levsin, etc.) that usually takes care of the issue. Next time you talk to your doctor, ask him or her about it.
Well, I've not been dx'd yet with IBS but I had my gallbladder out in 1998 and have had urinary urgency off and on since. I had an office visit on Dec. 30 at my gynecologist and he said female parts were well and that it is digestive. I get a full feeling above my pelvic-groin area and it feels like I need to pee more. I think anxiety plays a part in this urge too. I know it does, as my urologist told me it causes one to go more often. I have low pain below and at the point where I had two previous butterfly-cut c-sections. Sometimes the ache goes to my groin and I have mainly constipation. I strain and sometimes cannot finish bowel movement. A need to urinate more is probably the pressure of the spasms on the muscles in this area. I have had anxiety and stress lately with my dad's having prostate cancer and most recently, my husband has a blood transfusion in the 70's and was just dx'd as having hepatitis c. Needless to say, I had some very bad days and nights and my pain had gotten worse. I will be getting a new pcp in February and will address my issues with him.Is there an age barrier for anyone having IBS? I husband's godmother is in her 70's and has been dx'd with this! I've read on some sites where after menopasue (hormone related) the syndrome decreases? Hmmm, I'm 49 and am menopausal! My symptoms come and go too. Yesterday, I had pain everytime I bent over. Am I nuts?
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yes. I actually consider it a sign that the D attack is over that I have to pee. although it's more lke just the once rather than over and over. I'm not sure why this is although like antonio said, maybe the spasms. maybe during the D attack, the body is holding onto as much water as possible and afterwards releaseing? pure conjecture though. nancy
mjbonsais - you hear about age generalizations but there are a lot of exceptions to it.
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