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I am currently in the Netherlands on holiday from U.K. yesterday morning (my 3rd morning here) I went to open my bowels and all I seemed to do was loud farts. Didn’t think I had done anything but I wiped myself and there was mucous and mucous in the bowl, faecal coloured. Over the space of 1.5 hours I went 7 times. There was intermittent small amounts of either soft, thin or pebble faeces. Had some cramping as well. got dressed, passed some wind and I had passed some liquid, light mucus. Padded myself up, went out for the day, passed wind several times with same results a few times. Mucous is smelly too.
Decided it was because I had drunk a few fresh mint teas…and boy they put 4 stems of mint in each one. I had also walked 3-4 times further than I normally do each day and eaten wholewheat bread. Slept well and this morning it isn’t quite as bad but still lots of mucous. No diarrhoea though.
I do suffer from bad acid reflux and get stomach cramps from time to time. Acid has been good at the moment. Never had anything like this. Any advice or suggestions would be welcome.
many thanks.
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