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thyroid and ibs and brain fog

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I'm asking me if thyroid troubles can mimicks ibs.I found that some symptoms are the same as ibs.
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mr spasman,sometimes i wonder if our food hypersensitivities have an effect on all of our endocrine glands.back when i was eating wheat i used to get bad blood sugar attacks. i suspect that wheat was causing my pancreas (endocrine gland) to act up. we hear all the time about the HPA endocrine glands -- why not the thyroid?
Miss Lek,if you are on restricted diet you should check at my topic erythritol vs xylitol last post.I have found healthy bars who are harmful and nutritive for the Lek colon.I don't understand why nobody give me a reply on it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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