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Thyroid disorders

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Does any one suffer from thyroid problems. In the past I had an over active thyroid, had radioactive iodine to kill it and now take thyroxine. Another IBS sufferer I know had the same thing. Has any one else?
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Hi Nikki,If your thyroid hormone levels are not at your personal "set point" then you could have IBS-like symptoms. Thyroid hormone exerts a powerful influence on our GI tract. Whenever our thyroid levels are not optimized we can become symptomatic.Do you know what your Free T4 and Free T3 levels are?
I asked my doc about this last week, she said to me the last blood sample i got 3 weeks ago showed my thyroid was ok, i thought thats why my weight is going through the roof plus this excess sweating.
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Joolie, having someone tell you that a test result is "okay" is really not good enough. What you should do is ask for a paper copy of the lab results. See which tests were done...and where your blood tested compared to the tests normal range.Often professionals will say "normal" when we are testing barely within the normal range. Since we are all individuals, the normal ranges on thyroid tests are just that....ranges. Each individual is born with a natural "set point" for thyroid hormone. When we are off of our personal set point then we become symptomatic.Confusing matters even more is the fact that the "normal range" for the TSH test (which is the most often test used for screening for thyroid disease) needs to be revised to where the normal range is .35 to 3.0 (currently the range goes all the way up to 5.5). The AACE and NACB have been lobbying for this change for 2 years now but labs have yet to change their normal ranges.
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quote:Originally posted by Nikki.R:Does any one suffer from thyroid problems. In the past I had an over active thyroid, had radioactive iodine to kill it and now take thyroxine. Another IBS sufferer I know had the same thing. Has any one else?
I was tested for thyroid problems and was very boarderline for an overactive thyroid. But it was never treated because it wasn't over the normal limit, just as high as it could be without going over.
Hello ladiesK9Mom:Like the others I do not know my T4-T# levels.All I was told by my doctor was that I was right in the middle of the scale. But you make me wonder about that when you talk about this scale needind modification. Thanks for your knowledge. I will definately take it on board.
Glad I could help! Just make sure that they do the "FREE T4" and "FREE T3" (not Total T4 and Total T3) on you. The "Total" tests can be skewed by estrogens (birth control pills, HRT, etc)
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hi nikkii had hyperthyroidism as a child and now i just got diagnosed - 28 years later - with hypothyoidism. it runs in my family. i've had ibs-d since my mid-teens. as far as i know, there is no correlation between these two diseases. i might be wrong, and please correct me if i am, but i dont think ibs is classified as an "autoimmune" illness, but thyroid problems are. both ibs and thyroid problems run in my family. i just got lucky i guess and got both! (yes, that is sarcasm)i'm on levothyroxine now. as a child i took propylthyrocil, which i'm sure i'm spelling wrong. as far as we know, i'm the only family member who had hyper as a child and hypo as an adult. gee, do i get a prize??
take care!
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Scoot, I don't think there is any correlation between the two, other than many people with thyroid disease have been previously erroneously dx'ed with IBS due to the diarrhea or constipation that the thyroid disease caused. The diarrhea and/or constipation was merely symptoms of the thyroid disease.
Hi Nikki!
I was diagnosed 2 years ago with auto immune thyroid disorder, hyperactive thyroid, and graves' disease.
These are all relatively the same thing, but I had radioactive iodine also. I have been taking Levoxyl since then. I just developed ibs-d in the last 6 months
, but I haven't seen that my ibs and thyroid condition have had any relations so far. I have wondered
though because I don't completely have my ibs-d under control yet.
Make sure you stay on top of your thyroid levels because it can definitely effect your bowel movements
. K-9MOM is right too about what is considered "normal". Not even doctors
agree on what normal ranges are, and they have tried to have the official range changed over the last two years. Although, I don't think they have thus far. You do need to ask for a copy of your results and keep up with it yourself. It took me a year to realize that I needed to find my 'comfort zone' on my own.
Your body may need a little higher range, whereas mine is better a little low. Good luck
with it, and if you do ever find that your thyroid correlates in any way to your ibs -Please, by all means, let us know.
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I was convinced my thyroid was playing up, apparantly not as my blood came back normal
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