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Tip on a source for health products

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I'm only 42, but have been buying my fiber from the AARP Pharmacy Service (that's American Association for Retired Persons.) They have name brand products as well as their own brands. I use their Formula 235 which is comparable to Metamucil. You can get 2 jars for $9.98 (21 oz) while Metamucil is $10.99 (19 oz). I buy 6 at a time, and it lasts for months. I notice they sell Caltrate and generic brands as well. I know some of you have been having trouble getting it, so this may be a reliable source.The toll free number is 1-800-456-2277 and website:
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AZMom. Thanks for info......------------------LET'S ALL PRAY FOR A CURE TO THIS IBS SOON!BETTIE
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