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tired after eating

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Is this a part of IBS or what? After I eat, I feel awfully tired and worn out... i dunno if it's just this almost painful overfilled sensation or what.. or that sometimes I get sick after eating... but foods makes me feel very very tired.ben
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Are you taking any medications before you eat? I take bentyl at each meal and fall asleep and/or get very tired after meals.If not, it may be that you are eating too much at one sitting - the energy involved in the digestive porcesses may be causing you to feel tired after your meal since all energy is directed towards this process
Getting extremely tired after eating is also a sign of diabetes. A fasting glucose blood test would check for it.
VOGUE:It is hard to answer your question without more info.1. Have you been diagnosed with so called "IBS" by a GI doc as the result of a complete diagnostic workup?2. Is the fatigued feeling one symptom among a group of symptoms which also includes diarrheic episodes? 3. What are the other often how severe...4. Did you ever have any "bood sugar" tests along with the other tests you have had? results?5. Ever have any "thyroid testing"? results?It is almost impossible to say anything except "yes it is a symptkm associated with IBS, especially with IBS with a diarrheic componenet" as this is one of the other effects of the chemical mediators released which generate symptoms" in diarrhiecs...but there are other, several, possible causes of this feeling as well. To evaluate it a lot of information has to be looked at collectively.I'll check back tomorrow as I am interested in your responses.MNL
1.[Have you been diagnosed with so called "IBS" by a GI doc as the result of a complete diagnostic workup?]Yes, I have been diagnosed by several doctors. Had all the standard tests, colonoscopy, flex sig, barium upper GI, parasited tests (3 I think
)2. [Is the fatigued feeling one symptom among a group of symptoms which also includes diarrheic episodes? ] Sometimes it includes diarrhea, that has been better now that I am taking fiber. But it's usually associated with a feeling of being extremely full, but still hungry.
I can eat some pretzels and a glass of apple juice and feel full, tired, yet hungry. 3. [What are the other often how severe...] The above describes most of my symptoms, pain, diarrhea... my most bother some symptom being urgency, or anxiety at impending urgency caused by pain or some other signal from my gut. As to frequency, every morning, and gets progessively less through the day. I feel almost 'normal' if I eat absolutely nothing. 4. [Did you ever have any "bood sugar" tests along with the other tests you have had? results?]I have several blood tests, I don't know what specifically they were for. So, I can't say I've had a test specifically for blood sugar.5. [Ever have any "thyroid testing"? results?]As far as I know, no thyroid testing either.Thanks for your reply and concern.
I look forward to hearing from you.ben
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I used to get that very often when my ibs was much worse. The better my food digests (less bloating/spasms) the more normal (less tired) I feel after eating meals. Diabetes is a possibiltity but please do yourself a favor and don't worry about it. Odds are against it but you should test for it to rule it out so you won't be anxious about it. Take Care
Hehe... I'm not worried, I felt worse than this a year ago. I'm pretty much drained of emotion in regards to this IBS, but I will look into just about anything that has a promise. I'd hate to be sick all this time for lack of a test of some kind.
Wishing you well,ben
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I wish i could edit my posts... heh. I also have a couple skin rashes that seem to refuse to go away. I didn't use to have them, dry skin on my face scalp, and a red bumpy rash on my upper arms. My g/f noticed these, and they have really been here since my IBS started, but not before as I can recall. I cannot seem to get rid of them either. Anyway, just a thought... thanks again!ben
k9mom,That's interesting... can it also cause the stomach problems I'm having? (ibs-d.. etc?)NutriQueen, No, not taking any medications after eating.I was taking enzymes after eating, they didn't help, I thought it was them making me tired, but it's been weeks now, and I am just so groggy after eating. It's not even like 'sleepy' tired, it's like just my head is cloudy... hard to explain.
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What enzymes were you taking? Unless it was lactaid (which should be taken before meals, not after)no other replacement would help since digestive enzymes are not lacking in IBS - unless u have some other pancreatic disease. Also, the enzyme replacements would never cause fatigue since they are simple proteins and are given to replace the ones that would be otherwise lacking. In other words, no side effects are to be expected since it is recreating something already in our body.
This may have nothing to do with what is happening with you, but I only get tired after eating if I've eaten too much. If I keep meals small and light, I don't experience the fatigue.Evie
NutriQueen,Just digestive enzymes, I thought it might help. Some people said it helped them, so I thought I'd try it. But, I'm not taking them now and still tired.Essencedechat,Well, I usually get up and drink juice/fiber, and I feel pretty good... but like the first thing I eat, I get tired.. doesn't have to be a lot. I don't know how much, but really.. just a small portion of something...
It could just be my reaction to be tired of being sick.. I get depressed when I feel sick, reminds me that I'm not better.
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Are you eating small meals and feeling tired or big meals and feeling tired? Cause big meals make everyone tired and not eating and then eating will cause that too.
EN VOGUE:OK that helps with what I would suggest. I would suggest that it is sometimes helpful to have a thyroid profile done if for no other reason than to get that off the table of possible symptom generators.I would suggest reading this book,a dn some of the following threads, where you will find both similar symptoms in others, discussion of where tey can be coming from and why they are so hard to sort out, and how some people got them sorted out effectively.In fact both of these books are good to have under your belt...if there is room after the bloating occurs!
The first rule when it comes to these kinds of symptoms, which has become more and more obviosu in recent years work, is that "one [womans]meat is anothers poison."Dietary therapy, to be maximally effective, has to be very patient specific as each patients profile of waht specific foods or chemicals are safe and which are not is highly variable.Some releif can be experienced using generalized dietary suggestions that range from fiber regiemens to "don't eat too much fat don't eat too much volume don't eat spices don't eat too infrequently don't eat [fill in suggestion du jour]" and response varies from modest to good to nil depedning upon the particular patient.This is due to the fact tat these approaches are palliative and often do not address the specific delyed-onset dose dependent food or chemical sensitivities people suffer, which elude detetctionm by concentional means.The do not follow the "rules" of food "allergy", and "triggers" can be a misleading concept since the "trigger food" or event may be totally a consequentila secondary response to some underlying primary problem (consumption of offneding foos which upregukate the gut) so that even drinking cold water can elicit symptoms. Such events are commonly misunderstood as to the mechanisms involved and written off to the mystical vagaries of the twitchy bowel of IBS.So there ar times when needless restrictions are applied in an effort to achieve relief since the therapist has no means of arriving at apatient specific plan. This is no laonger a necessary compromise for everyone, as is reflected in all the following sources....IBS: A DOCTORS PLAN FOR CHRONIC DIGESTIVE TROUBLESBy Gerard Guillory, M.D.; Vanessa Ameen, M.D.; Paul Donovan, M.D.; Jack Martin, Ph.D. "FOOD ALLERGIES AND FOOD INTOLERANCE: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO THEIR IDENTIFICTION AND TREATMENT", Professor Jonathan Brostoff , M.D.. Allergy, Immunology and Environmental Medicine, Kings' College, London;t=000286;p=4;p=3#000106;f=4;t=000364;f=4;t=000286;f=4;t=000285;f=4;t=000302;f=4;t=000287;f=4;t=000364;p=2#000069;f=4;t=000276;f=5;t=000073;f=17;t=000033;f=4;t=000353;f=4;t=000389;f=4;t=000421;f=4;t=000476;f=4;t=000478;f=4;t=000488 MNL
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Vogue, I can only speak for myself. I have insulin resistance, which is a precursor to full blown type 2 diabetes. After a meal I would get EXTREMELY tired and often I would also get cold hands along with it.I also have Graves disease which is a form of hyperthyroidism. Diarrhea was one of my main symptoms of my hyperthyroidism. I've since learned that the state of hyper-metabolism that hyperthyroidism can cause some insulin resistance, so in my case, the two seem to be tied together.After the insulin resistance diagnosis I changed my diet drastically and began doing 20 mins a day of mild exercise. I lost 12 pounds and my blood glucose readings have been great since.
My experience may shed some light on this-- when I am going thru a really bad few days with IBS I feel totally drained of energy and it reminds me very much of the feeling I had when I had allergies to pollen, grass etc before allergy shots I had. I am on LEAP with some important, but not total, success. Mike said agreed when I said it's like my body is flooded with histamine. In other words, it's a reaction to some food. A possibility, anyway, that should make you think about diet.
i think is it.eating is a such a chore and is so exhausting for me....finding the food which i think wont hurt me.then eating it slowly so i dont get any gas or indigestion...then i have to rest and its being ingested and its all so tiring for me
I agree with Karoe. Skin rashes are also associated with alergies and also withfood intolrences. I would have a cup of coffee and would be ready to go to sleep about a half an hour later. Turned out that dairy (milk in my coffee) was one of the foods I have a reaction to. The feeling was the same as you said. I felt like I was in a fog. Almost felt like I had a glass of wine. Sometimes tis fatigue would be accompanied by a headache. It's like a spacy feeling you get right? I also had acne (another skin symptom of a reaction to food).Just a thought.
Yes, it's definitely a spacy feeling, like I just took a couple lomotil. I can't fathom what I'm allergic to though, I've tried a lot of different stuff... perhaps when I go back to the doctor I can have him run some of the suggested tests.
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I kept a food diary as well. If you suspect it is a food (which i was surprised about myself), you could always try eating a basic diet for a few days. i went to mostly fruits and veggies, herbal teas, chicken, meat...basically anything that doesn't have additives. Some clues that it may be a food are:Do you have a few favorite foods that you tend to eat on a reg. basis? If so look at the ingredients. I always tended to be a bit of a picky eater and stuck with the foods i liked. I was eating Luna Bars all the time (have soy in them) and I do know now that I have problems with Soy too. Sometimes your pulse increases. For me I always thought it was from caffeine in the coffee, but in all reality I was used to a lot more caffeine than was in one cup, so the anxiuos feeling was part of the reaction. And yes, that lovely foggy feeling. At first it feels like a nice relaxed state, until for me it progresses from relaxed to fatigue, and then the feeling of being useless and wanting to go lay down. Everyone is different so this may not be the case for you, but it is something you can look into as a possibility. Also, I notice that foods that are rich in carbs. make me tired, but it is a different tired than that spacy-feeling.
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