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Tired; Need to Vent....

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Today I'm just so tired of being sick all the time. Sick of having to explain to people, sick of watching what I eat. Sick of paying the high price for eating things I like, sick of not going out that much, sick of having to think about being sick all the time. OK, I'm done. Just needed to b*&^h a little. Thanks for listening.------------------
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We understand how you feel and have all been there before. Some days are worse than others. It is hard living with IBS and sometimes it seems like it is in total control and you have to plan your life around it. Not fair. It would be nice to be able to just make plans and do things like normal people and not have to think twice about bathrooms and possible problems. But maybe some new medication or treatment is just right around the corner that will help you. Hang in there.
Thanks for the encouragement, kati. I really just needed to scream a little. I try to be patient, but some days are better than others. I've been on all the drugs my doctor can think of, including Questran and Lotronex, with either no help or horrible side effects. Now I am just "managing" on Librax, barely. But, again, thanks. At least here I know that everyone knows what I'm talking about or feeling. ps. today, so far, is a "good" day.....
know exactly where u r coming fromhave ibs-c and the challenge to my mind/body along with fibromyalgia(its strange bedfellow)makes every day lived a major accomplishmentI am a firm believer that neither of these two BEASTS shall ever ruin my life and practice every healing modality(exercise, meditation, etc.)to keep them at baylike u -----i am tired of the constant struggle to be humanbut barrring a cure which does not seemlikely in the near future, we must stay positive---what is the alternative?????------------------
Gee, this is exactly how I am feeling today.
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