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TO annette RE: Tranxene

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I just read your posting ### the traxene. I know all about no insurance. I was lucky enough to get SSD because of my bipolar disorder. But i was thinking that you might want to check into getting Medicaid. Since you're a single parent w/ a child you should get it no problem and the scripts are covered in full. I think you need to get the script from a shrink and not all accept medicaid but check your local medical/mental health clinics. Most local clinics work on a sliding fee scale so they are more affordable and some can give samples depending on the medyou need. Give it a try. It can be very discouraging dealing w/ any govt agency but I have been dealing with them for a long time now and managed to get thru all the bull. BTW if you get SSD you have to apply but you are automatically accepted for medicaid to cover what MEdicare doesn't. Also in NY we have something called child health plus. Which is govt funded health care coverage for kids in families w/ low income. It's provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield and it goes by income, its also widely accepted by most doctors. I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions drop me a line. You could also try checking w/ the Attorney general's office in your state for more information. GoddLuck!
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