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So I finally had my endo after months of terrible, terrible nausea. The endo wasn't as bad as I thought it would be as I slept through all of it. Anyway, the results showed a sliding hiatal hernia and esophagitis AND my dr. also is doing a biopsy because they found some "red streaks" in my stomach which he said could be consistent with a pre-ulcerative condition. He said there was absolutely no evidence of tumor or cancer though...(Thank God!). I'm still not on any meds though because he still wants to wait the results of the biopsy. So, as usual I am sitting here today and I am still nauseous. I am so frustrated with all this waiting to get better, and I feel like that day will never happen. I still hardly eat because eat and every time I do, I feel sick afterwards. This is a total nightmare.
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With the results of the biopsy he'll know a heck of alot more than if he acts now.Did he tell you when the results will be back? Usually it's only a few days for most things. And in some situations is a #### shot giving you something as in 24 hours he may have to call you back and say wait stop don't I guessed wrong (what is the rule, if the odds are 50/50 90% of the time you are wrong) and do this other thing instead. Usually shelling out bucks for prescriptions that will do people no good is more upsetting than waiting a couple of days for the complete answer.K.
You might call and ask if you can take emitrol ( spelling is probably wrong) it's a liquid that you can take when pregnant to take away nausea. It's over the counter, cherry taste and I"ve used it before with good least ask if you can. Even Wallymart has it, I think if your local grocery has a perscription dept. it would be there as well and it's not almost immediately too...good luck!
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