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quote:My doctor put me on a high fibre diet: 2 fruits a day, (which i eat only cooked because acid bothers my stomach and even then i try not to eat the fruit),2 vegetables a day, salad, 2 whole grain pieces of bread and metamucil drink every day.
Yeap. I don't think you'r doctor know anything about IBS when i'm seen your diet! .Salad is bad for IBS since it's mainly insoluble fibers. I even know normal peoples having trouble with green salad. . Fruits are not very good too unless you cook them. The best choice is RIPPED BANANA. No need to cook them. You can eat a lot. Plenty of good fibers. . Metamucil is mainly Psylium that is SOLUBLE fibers (it form a gel when mixed with water. I tried it with the glass left on the counter). This is ok. The drawback is that if you buy it at the pharm there is a lot of sugar
too, that is bad for gas! Try to buy natural psylium without anything added.Food from ground is mainly constituted of what is called carbohydrate that is long chain of simple sugar glued together in some way (like a wall of bricks). You system SHOULD break down those complex into simple ones (the bricks) to be available by your body. Some arrangements (the way they are glued or the way the wall is built) are better break down than other ones. So, from my experiments i would suggest eating cauliflowers for example and MAINLY cooks everything in water in a PRESSURE COOKER. When cooking like this, complex carbohydrates are "pre-digested" by this type of cooking (and also you will use less electricity).I'm not cured but i'm better since i'm doing like this. I have no D, no C but mild ANNOYING pain (sometime i fed up to feel my colon..) mainly when go off this type of cooking/food.Also avoid complex sausage you can buy in the store.--- Good luck
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