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To HipJan re: polyps

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Jan, interesting you should mention polyp in the "no pain" thread. Before the colonoscopy, which I was fortunate to have very soon after my symptoms started, (blood in the stool seems to have a way of getting you into the GI Doc right away) I did have pain. She removed two polyps and after I got over the colonoscopy, the pain went away and never came back. This still wasn't the truly horrible pain I have heard describe by some on this board, but there definitely was pain!The blood I had wasn't visible, nor have I ever seen blood. And the Doc was never able to give me an explanation for it except for "possibly from hemorroids".I never even thought about this until you mentioned it. And it makes a lot of sense!
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hi, Fatigued. GI-wise, I felt much better after my sigmoidoscopy in which the polyp was removed; no more nausea or cramping...that is, until more recently (but not as bad as before). that's why I'm thinking I might have another one in there. I think you're right about the blood. I had to wait NINE months since I first went to the doctor before I was even given a sig. (and I went in because I had early warning signs of a problem that I wanted to nip in the bud!). a simple test showed I had no blood in the stool, so I wasn't taken too seriously for a long time.
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