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To Moldie..

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Hi.. thanks for your feedback. I would have just e-mailed you privatly and not take space on board but don't know how. I most certainly agree with you. There are alot of personalities out there like ours that have no IBS. And I agree with you, it is a combo of the physical make-up of our digestive tract AND our emotions. Some people get migranes when stress peaks, ect. I too can be having what I consider the most realaxing time and BAM! I believe in my case as probably alot of others, even though I am relaxed at the time, I carry my baggage in a way that on a daily basis I don't recognize as stress, or tention, fear, anxiousness.. but it is there ready to pounch on my delicate tummy. So, I think that this is deeper than a day to day thing. I have also noticed that exercise helps physically and emotionally, however.. I hate to sweat!! lol So I really have to push myself on that one.. And it is funny how that even though I know it helps.. I will do it for a few weeks. (exercise videos).. I tend to slack off. My thoughts are getting alot more oxygen into the systems helps. Long term and even during a panic attack. In my opinion, all avenues need to be explored but to tell you the truth.. I am done with the medical profession.. they have been nothing less than useless and condsending!! Best of Luck!! Pam
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Hey, PJ, I don't know how else to respond, except I agree with much of what you had to say (even with the exercise thing, as I'm a little like that myself). I don't include my e-mail address as computors are a difficult forum to establish trust. I once e-mailed someone who asked anyone on the fibro board to concerning a problem she had. I was excited about it really, as she said she was from South Africa and I was anxious to help her with her yeast question. When she/he responded back, she included a website (ladyrucus or something like that), it included references about sodomy, pictures of a head with pins through it and a human skull. Perhaps I didn't give it a chance, and it was art- the sodomy message was in a foreign language so I could only read the word sodomy. I just decided not to delve any further. I sent a message back telling her I did not appreciate her website and asked for no more communication. She/he e-mailed back innocent like she/he didn't understand. I chose not to respond. So, you see, this is why I wish to remain private. I have a e-mail pal I picked out of one of the fibro newsboards that I am happy with, but I guess I don't want to complicate my life any further. I do go on chat once in awhile though, so maybe I'll "see" you in there.------------------[This message has been edited by moldie (edited 08-25-99).]
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