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Hi, just wondering if anyone else has this problem, i've had ibs for 15+ years now but in the last year things have become worse. I've seen my doctor numerous times and been told that its stress and PND thats making things worse. Have been taking citalopram for 4 months now and my anxiety and depression are much improved as are my ibs symptoms. The thing is though every now and again i have a day or two when i have to keep going back and forward to the bathroom, possibly up to six times throughout the day. I'm not having particularly large bm's during this time and i feel the need to go again not too long after going. People on here have said to me that with ibs we have more sensitivity in the bowels and that haemmorhoids can also give this sensation but i am able to go so that would rule that out. This is not a completely new symptom as this has always been the way for me but just not as many trips to the bathroom. I wonder whether it could be linked to something i am eating, maybe to much veg or fruit. My period is also due in a couple of days so could that be the cause? I suppose keeping a food diary would maybe give the answers concerning a food reaction.Anyway if anyone has any ideas i would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.Tracey
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