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Hello Dears! (First of all, sorry for my English)

My story was started with left-sided / lower left quadrant (sigmoid part), MILD stabbing pain 5-6 weeks ago, in the FIRST 4 days of my left abdominal was very touch sensitive. But not anymore. Just since the random, 1-3 minutely mild pain all day on/off for 1 second (1-10 scale: 1-2) it's constant. No red or black blood, just lazy/almost normal stools. Never had constipation.

I am a 35 yo male, fit, no overweighted, no bowel cancer in the family history, no cigarettes, no alcohol. I have lazy stools since 2010. I have mild proctitis from 2010. No proctologist seen me since 2010, because my proctitis symptoms are not annoy me too much.

Celiac negative, lactose intolerance test result in progress.

I am tired and fatigued after 8-10h of sleeping too. The fatigue started immediately that day after my first symptoms started. (But I think, the anxious, mood brought the tiredness.) No fever. No nausea. No vomit. No chills. No weight loss, and no loss of appetite.

3 weeks ago I took Normix 2x200mg for 6 days, nothing is different. While +2 weeks of probiotics, Buscopan, no change. I am taking low-dosage anti-depressant from my GP, but nothing is better (my mood is a little bit more preferable).

After/while a meal/BM, the mild pain and discomfort are not different. Totally similar. Bloodworks clear - very low CRP/ESR 0.6/3, and a lil bit lower iron level:14. (6 days ago), ultrasound clear (1 week ago) she didn't noticed any diverticulitis on the wall of the colon and no bowel wall thickening (visible areas on bowels with ultrasound are limited, we know that...)

Chest/lung x-ray clear (that was in 2017 December)

I went to a gastroenterologist consultation 4 weeks ago, he said, after a physical (pushed my tummy with his hands) examination, it's not cancer in his opinion, and he did not feel any abnormal resistance, and I haven't felt any pain from his (very hard) pressure also. He said, I am a little bit hypochondriac. My GP "told" me the same yesterday. They still don't want colonoscopy for me (as I did...until today, because I am totally scared now.)

I am very sad, depressed tired and anxious.... First of all, I don't want a mainly deadly disease. (Just like no other.)

When I bend over from standing position with straight legs, my lower left abdomen hurts a little bit.

Anybody experienced similar symptoms at the beginning of the IBS?

** I circled my pain with red circles on the pic (last sentence of my post). Bigger circle = the more common pain + the pain radiates a little bit into my back at the same spots. I don't know what is it, Diverticulitis or IBS or something else?! I am totally devastated sad

Plus info: at the the day when my pain started I did squats with weights on my neck + while drunk carbon hydrated cola..I know that was a very bad idea, but that was happened one time.. That day, when my pain started at ~21:00. (And I trained at 16:00)

I am going to another GI at the next week and I would like to ask him for a colonoscopy. Because this actual situation is the worst.

Thank you very much! And sorry for the long post. :'(

The pic of my locations of my pain:

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I have been recently diagnosed with IBS, with very similar symptoms and pains to you, perhaps a bit worse. During the start of my symptoms I was also diagnosed with a Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which brought on panic attacks.

To control my stomach problems, I have a diet of no gluten, dairy wheat and little sugar which helps. I also try not to eat between meals or before bed/first thing in the morning and have lots of warm drinks.

If your doctors say they can't find any lumps or anything seemingly wrong I wouldn't worry, I was exactly the same. They would probably pick up on something if it was serious.

I also suffer from heart problems and they are looking into POTs or postural tachycardia syndrome. Which is where your heart races after standing up, but many people with POT's are also diagnosed with IBS because it brings on abdominal pains and gut problems. While looking into it I discovered many people who seem to have unusual symptoms and tests that come back normal but there is something definitely wrong with them have this condition also.

I don't know if this is helpful but when you don't know what's is wrong with you, I found looking into and ruling out conditions help a lot.

I hope this helps!
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