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So I was watching some movies and someone said "simple" in the movie and that reminded me of this website. So I just want to come back and check it out.
It's been 3 years since I posted this thread. I have done a lot in my past couple of years. I have become a software engineer working for a major tech company. And I have started enjoying my life. The really bad morning diarrhea which haunted me for all my college years never came back after I had the treatment mentioned in this post. I think I can claim again that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) cured my IBS. I am just commenting here again so that maybe someone will see this, and it might help them.

The issue that I had was 脾虚。 Which directly translated to Weak Spleen. In TCM, the spleen is the organ that regulates the liquid in your body, if it's weak or if it's malfunctioning, you are gonna have less urination, loose stool, bad appetite, foggy head and more... (just a bunch of bad things that foster each other if you let it get worsen)

I have personally visited about 5 TCM "doctors" when I was in New York, and I have spent probably 700+ USD on their prescribed herbal treatment. THEY BARELY WORKED/ NONE OF THEM WORKED. This shows that every TCM doctor is different. Some of them are good, but they might have misjudged your condition. Some of them are just snakeoil doctors trying to scam you. And some are fxxking gods!!

As I have posted above, my IBS-D was cured by this TCM doctor in China when I was traveling. The total expense was less than 100USD. ( Yes the haunting illness that followed me for almost 5 years, that ruined my entire college life was cured for less than a hundred bucks)..

I strongly recommend you to visit your local TCM doctors and give them a chance if there are any around. But don't pay more than 200 USD for each visit. They might try to scam you. But if it did work, it's all worth it, you will have your life back.

If there aren't any, I would suggest you to try this: LANZHOU GUFANG Ginseng & Yam Combo Extract (Dietary Herbal Supplement) 200 Pills - Tak Shing Hong. I think this one has very similar ingredients to the prescription that cured me.

I wish you all the best.
There is no known cure for IBS as the cause(s) of IBS are still unknown. Until the cause(s) are known there cannot be a cure. CAUTION with anyone making such a claim as the best and most knowledgeable doctors in the world are unaware of a cure. There are known management methods
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