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Travelling with IBS-D

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Hey guys,Well I'm off to Europe in a few weeks. I'll be gone for just over three months. Yes, I have been stressed out about my ibs and what will happen when I'm over there but I wasn't about to let it come inbetween this fantastic opportunity.I've thought it all out rationally and I'm quite sure I'll be fine if I just continue my 1-2 doses of immodium a day. That seems to keep my ibs at bay quite successfully.However I was wondering about the availability of immodium and such products in Europe. I'm travelling to England, Ireland, Holand and Italy for the majority of the trip. Does anyone know the names of the brands similar to immodium in these countries and what sort of amount they come in?
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Based on this site I would say it is available.Here is some info: perhaps some of our UK members will pop in here.Have a Great Trip!BQ
Here in the UK, Imodium and it's own brand alternatives are available everywhere. Really easy to get. I haven't found anywhere that sells it in packs of more than 6 though, and it's pretty expensive, so for 3 months it'll be pretty costly.I'm not sure about Ireland, but when I went there for a holiday it was pretty much the same shop wise so I imagine it's widely available there too. (Although I had IBS I hadn't found Imodium yet).Hope that's some help, and I hope you have a good trip!
If you can hit up a Sam's Club or Cosco's before you go, they have big packages of Immodium you could purchase and take with you.
Hi! I am a Brit living in France and have experience of using Imodium in both countries. You can buy Imodium over the counter in the UK but NOT in France. My doctor prescribes them for me. So the answer is to stock up before leaving the US.Have a wonderful trip - and bring a raincoat as the weather is dull and rainy over here at the moment!
Oops! Just noticed that you aren't travelling to France! But my advice is still to buy Imodium before leaving the States. Sorry!!
Best thing to do is bring any required medication with you. If you have other medication (on perscription etc:The UK regulations are more relaxed than most countries and fairly easy to follow:Firstly you must find out if your drug is a controlled substance in the uk; you can check this here: Travelers common controlled substance check-list and limits.If you drug is unlisted you can find the full controlled list here: Complete controlled drugs listFor perscribed non-controlled drugs: . Put it in you hand (carry on plane) luggage. Keep in orgional containers that are clearly marked as to their contents.. Signed letter/note from doctor confirming that the drugs were perscribed. Or a signed repeat (duplicate) perscription. Travel advice sites say that its best to make sure the doctors contact details are printed on either.For CONTROLLED perscribed drugs:. Same as above but with a few additions: 1. Drugs should be carried with a letter from the prescribing doctor confirming the carriers name, destination, drug details/amounts. 2. For more than a 1 month's stay/supply, you will need a personal license from the "Home Office" (see below.)This is all so when you arrive at the airport you have to declare the medication to the customs desk. As long as you double check with the UK Home Office drugs pageyou should be fine: Drugs law and licensingFor otc drugs like loperamide: as long as their otc in the UK and you declare then you will be fine. Though there is no offical published info on the subject. Follow the home office rules on the above page and call your local British Embassy if you have any questions.If you do that then you should be able to pass with your meds into the UK without any hindrance from customs.To answer you orgional question; you can purchase Loperamide otc in both large stores and pharmacies in the UK. However you should be warned that its quite expensive: £3.90 approx for 12 pack of immodium and £2.50 for the generics.Best Regards,mr_colt
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