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Trying to find a happy median between D & C

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It all seemed to start around Aug I was having D alternating with C. The Dr's thought I had somminilia poisining, was given antibiotics. Come to find out I didn't have it after all. Then I had several bouts I went to the Dr and they always just brushed it off. Then in Nov I had another really bad bout and I went to the ER, they didn't do nothing for me and sent me home with some med for nausea. Then I went to my Dr the following day and they did some more test and decided to send me to a GI doc. Well, I had a colonoscopy and they told me I have IBS and internal hemorrhoids. Then I went back to my Dr the same day and they told me I have the parasite cryptosporidiosis (crypto) which causes severe D. There is no known effective meds in treating the parasite. I just recently found out I'm pregnant. I had a bout of D last night and with the hemorrhoids sometimes it feels like I have to go when I don't. I had the rumbly gas then I passed it, then I had the D. Does that happen to anyone else? When I have the bouts of D I get pretty stressed about it cause I don't know how long it will last. What does everybody else do to make it more comfortable with the alternating? Do you take citracel even when you are having the D or do you stop and take Calcium or do you do both. Any replies would be wonderful. Thank you and sorry this was so long.JuliaAlso, I will be moving to the Cincinnati area next month. Is there anybody here from that area?[This message has been edited by Julia (edited 01-13-99).]
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Dear Julia, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well and congratulations on becoming a Mom, but I wouldn't take ANTYHING without my doctor knowing about it if I was pregnant. I wouldn't even take the calcium or fiber without asking your OB first. The prenatal vitamins are very strong with a lot of calcium in them. Just please be careful and check with you OB and explain to him how you are feeling and what you think you may want to take. I really hope you feel better and congratulations again. Keep us updated, Loretta
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