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Trying to find a happy median between D & C

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It all seemed to start around Aug I was having D alternating with C. The Dr's thought I had somminilia poisining, was given antibiotics. Come to find out I didn't have it after all. Then I had several bouts I went to the Dr and they always just brushed it off. Then in Nov I had another really bad bout and I went to the ER, they didn't do nothing for me and sent me home with some med for nausea. Then I went to my Dr the following day and they did some more test and decided to send me to a GI doc. Well, I had a colonoscopy and they told me I have IBS and internal hemorrhoids. Then I went back to my Dr the same day and they told me I have the parasite cryptosporidiosis (crypto) which causes severe D. There is no known effective meds in treating the parasite. I just recently found out I'm pregnant. I had a bout of D last night and with the hemorrhoids sometimes it feels like I have to go when I don't. I had the rumbly gas then I passed it, then I had the D. Does that happen to anyone else? When I have the bouts of D I get pretty stressed about it cause I don't know how long it will last. What does everybody else do to make it more comfortable with the alternating? Do you take citracel even when you are having the D or do you stop and take Calcium or do you do both. Any replies would be wonderful. Thank you and sorry this was so long.JuliaAlso, I will be moving to the Cincinnati area next month. Is there anybody here from that area?[This message has been edited by Julia (edited 01-13-99).]
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I can't believe that there is no treatment for the parasite. There are parasite cleanses available. I have seen them on the web. One site that discusses parasites in detail and claims to have the best parasite cleanse around is: You should check it out.Take Care,Rose
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