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Trying to find H. Pylori threads? Any Info?

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I had posted a question about Polyps, someone posted I should look into the H. Pylori thread any other info would be great. Thanks
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Louise,If you click on the word 'search' just underneath the post reply button and type h.pylori or even just pylori the most recent threads discussing h.pylori will be displayed.In addition the website below may be of interest: Clair
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Tons of them, it's a topic that seems to arise every month at least. Though anything you may want to know about Helicobacter Pylori can be found on the myriad of web pages on that cunning little stomach bug. Try The Helicobacter Foundation Page re; Barry Marshall who discovered it; and then spent years convincing the medical profession of its existance, because of course they all just KNEW that it was IMPOSSIBLE for bacteria to live in the acid bath of the stomach, 'famous last words'. Believe he finally got his message across after swallowing a phial of the bacteria becoming infected himself; he then cured himself. Seems to have convinced the medical philistines.
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