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two weeks in hospital...all in my head

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I've just spent the last two weeks in hospital with chronic nausea and weight loss.The upshot of all this is the Dr's think my symptoms are all in my head as all physical tests have come back normal.My appetite is still rubbish and i'm under the care of a psychiatrist now as i', on prozac, haloperidol, temezepam and matrazapine.I feel like a zombie..the nausea has gone but the 'no appetite' still remains.I'm trying to eat small amounts but it's really tough when you don't feel like eating.
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My gallbladder ejection fraction rate was bang 0n 35% (anything greater than 35% is deemed as normal) anxiety levels aren't as high as before (not suprising being on all that psych medication).
hi riddick thanks for the update....was wondering how you were doing.sorry you're still feeling so bad. you sure have been through a lot. this whole experience must be so frustrating for you---to go through all those tests and then have them say it's all in your head. have you been able to gain back any weight? too bad they haven't given you anything to perk up your appetite. we had a thread going earlier about medical marijuana....don't know it's status in the uk but that would certainly do it.....the munchies...hopefully the psychiatrist has been of some help besides just prescribing the meds. hope you feel better soon and get your appetite back and are able to gain some weight. please take good care of yourself.
Well at least you know nothing is awfully wrong anywhere. So.. now all you can do is the best you can to cope like the rest of us. Just keep working on eating which should be easier now since the nausea is gone.All the best
I am sorry you are feeling so bad.I know the feeling.Have you had an Endoscopy done.The one where they look down your throat into your stomach?Its awful when they just send you home with no answers.I myself suffered 11years ago with nausea and vomiting,although because i could not eat it was just flem i brought up,not pleasant,my weight dropped to 5stone 10.My hospital tests showed no abnormalities,although i was suffering.I did get my appetite back but i do not have a big appetite anyway and did put some weight back on.Maybe you could try one of those drinks that can maybe help nourish you when you have no appetite,cannot remember what you call it,sorry.But your pharmacy should be able to help.At least try and carry on eating small amounts at least it is something.Take care.
I was wondering where u had been I hope it gets better mate! ive been given a new pill for my womanly things...but had a not so good day today, felt so mate who was batteling CF died early this morning..i woke up to a text message...Hope things do get better hun x
PeaLea hope the new pill will be better for you.and so very very sorry about your mate....
thanks all for your concerns and support. This board is truly a Godsend with the people who are on it and the advice given. I am managing small amounts of food (but not enjoying it) and fortisip drinks.
keep going mate it will get easier! x we are here for youAnnie - thanks today has been such a strange day it seems surreal n gone so fast..i just wish i could have seen her before she went but i was planning a visit when i got poorly with this ibs..and ive been unwell and tbh i didnt wana be near her spesh if i had any unknowen germs or coldsbecause anything likethat would have killedher anyway x
ditto i was told the same told by 1 doc if it was cancer would be dead by now. now have generalised anxiety disorder 1 makes the other worse wonder y cant find an ad that suits to many side effects. everything i eat goes through and upsets stomach terrible pain under right ribs and into right groin have found out i have an overactive gallbladder oh joy dont know what they r going 2 do 4 it
PeaLeaSo very sorry about your friend.I hope your womanly problems ease.I have been a sufferer myself,they can be painful and uncomfortable.Take carex
Thanks Diana63 - yesturday was totally bizzare! i actually felt NORMAL...i think it was the shock..i still got a lil upset today! but im glad her suffering is over..and im going to do my best to keepat my issuse for her! =)
Geez riddick I'm glad you're out of the hospital, but this must be difficult to deal with!Hopefully your appetite increases, and at least that awful nausea is gone huh?Mirtazapine (Remeron) does, at least from what I've read, act as an appetite stimulant in many people. Hopefully this is the case for you... Keep us updated...
what anti nausea stuff u on Riddick?
Even you don't feel like eating anything, try to have something. because you must be able to do your daily activities and you require some amount of energy for it. Any how I hope you get well soon.
Appetite has come back with a vengeance! And i'm a happy boy!
Hooray!! so glad to hear the good news!
Excellent news Riddick! Thanks for sharing it!
Regardless of what has recently happened i still think i have a gallbladder problem.I've read enough artcles to realise my symptoms are indicative of a malfunctioning gallbledder(even though me ejection frcation rate is 35%......that's only 1% above abnormal!).When my symptoms recur and i end up in hospital again i will push for a further HIDA scan or in fact removel?referral to a surgeon.
had a HIDA scan recently exactly the same symptoms as u found out mine is overactive at the mo i feel really good hope it lasts i dont want 2 go back 2 that again. First consultant wrote on his notes invasive surgery not recommended so had 2 pay privately to c a 2nd who did the test on the NHS at a different hospital c him again in Jan will find out if anything what they can do
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