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Two weeks on 6mg 2x/day... and STILL not working, still C and hating it... should I

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reduce my dose? i have read that has helped some people... but it sounds like it helped people go from D to less problems... I am still completely C and wondering why this isn't working for me.any advice, suggestions, HELP!!Thanks
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No drug works for everyone, and Zelnorm is no exception. There are just going to be a certain percentage of people that it doesn't help.A couple of questions.Were you using stimulatory laxatives regularly (like more than once a week) before starting Zelnorm, and have you stopped them now? If you are dependant on Senna, Cascara, etc and stopped taking them it may take more than a couple of weeks for the colon to get working again.What is your diet like? Are you getting enough fiber and water in your diet to promote good bowel habits?Are you sure it is simple IBS-type constipation that you have? Have you been tested for motility issues or pelvic floor disfunction. If you have additional issues those may need to be addressed (and if you have true low you can go more than a week between bowel movements most of the time...then the extra fiber won't help)You might want to add some foods to the diet that tend to loosen up the stools. Fruits with sorbitol are often good for this. Apples, pears, peaches and other stone fruits, cherries. During the summer when fresh produce is abundant people in general tend to have looser stools. AND...if it isn't working at all, CALL THE DOCTOR. They need to know that, and they may have suggestions that are appropriate with your medical history, etc.K.
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Yes, I was taking a lot of laxatives. I stopped the Correctol and the enemas, but I still need the suppositories in order to be able to have a bm. I have been drinking slippery elm tea to help me sometimes b/c the zelnorm doesn't seem to be having any effect. the first week, i JUST took zelnorm, and that was MISERABLE b/c I was all blocked up, so I realized that I still need at least the tea and suppositories.I have a meeting with a GI doc in mid-November... earliest they could get me in for a consultation... I am up almost every night with painful (and AWFUL) gas that wakes me up continuously.... but that has not changed since the Zelnorm.I do not know what to expect with the zelnorm, but so far... nothing.
If you look through the archives here you'll find that zelnorm seems to take some time to start working in many cases. if you are female you could also call novartis.Bada
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