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Has anyone out there with UC ever been prescribed Buspar? I have been reading about this medicine and it really sounds like it might help. Of course anyone out there knows that with UC comes great anxiety. Although Doctors will swear that UC can be caused by anxiety, mine was not. But of course has caused most of my anxiety since.I would love to hear from anyone if they have been on this medication. Thanks, Ginfie p.s. just a little backgound on me. I have had IBD/UC since 1979. So I am familiar with this disease quite a bit and have tried just about everything. The one thing that I have refused to take though has been steriods of any kind. I am currently taking Zantac and Levsin with metamucil therapy. I also take a long walk first thing every morning the minute I get out of bed. I just started this about 6 months ago and it really does seem to be helping a lot. I also in the last six months have started drinking a lot of gatorade. That also it helping a lot. Since I can not seem to tolerate water for some reason the gatorade seems to be a replacement.
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