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Ugh...Have to get on airplane...

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Ugh...I have to get on airplane today (two hour flight) and am worried b/c my D is acting up today. Any suggestions or thoughts?
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did you take your immodium yet? i know its hard to do, but try not to let your nervousness/anxiety get away with you. you'll do much better if you relax. sit next to the bathroom on the plane, as a feeling of security if you need it. if someone has that seat, ask them to swap. people who dont have ibs dont want to sit next to the toilet anyway!take care -jen
You're right; I think it is nerves today and not so much the IBS. thanks!
Take an Immodium before you go. Don't wait to see if you are going to have problems, then take it. For some people just knowing that they took it lowers the stress and helps to prevent an attack.Also avoid any known trigger foods during the days leading up to the flight.Also you probably want to avoid foods/drinks that are known to cause diarrhea, even in normal people.These are:Alcohol, caffeine, fruits containing sorbitol (apples, pears, prunes) and sugarless gums and hard candies with sorbitol. Dairy (unless you are clear you tolerate lactose well) Things with high fructose corn syrup in them (most of the sodas, and some fruit beverages). Check the ingredients of herbal teas you drink make sure none of them promote regularity, or are laxatives.Hope you have a wonderful trip.K.
Jen - I would for sure take an Immodium - if anything - a half of one. A two hour flight should go by pretty fast if you take something with you to take your mind off it. Be sure to have a magazine, book, or maybe a CD player with relaxing music. Have a great trip! You'll be fine!Rebecca
yikes....I am about to leave for the airport now and my stomach is in knots (anxiety) knowing that the airport will be crowded and that we will fly through bad weather. argh.
You are a brave woman for getting on an airplane, I have been stuck at home for 4 months, so just the thought of hopping in the car to go to the store scares me to death, so I'm sure an airplane would really freak me out!! I hope that you have a good trip though. I didn't see this post until today, just wondered how things went?? Take care...
hi jenSi dont know if you're back yet - maybe you're gone for the holidays (?)i've been wondering how your flight went - hope all is well-jen
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