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Ugh. Sometimes I Dread Being a Woman with IBS

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Bear with me. I'm PMSing (should start Thursday), and tonight the mild cramps started. My time of the month, like it is for many other women, is filled with dread as my gas and cramps multiply tenfold amplifying my urge to go to the bathroom usually producing strange results. When thinking back to my "pre-IBS" pre-Pill days, I remember being able to spend the whole day in the bathroom having bm's. The Pill has helped, and my menstrual cramps are pretty bearable. It's the cramping associated with gas and bm's that is the clincher. I just wanted to vent here because I knew you guys would understand. Ashley
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I hear ya. PMS is the only time when I am praying please be ok please be ok please be ok. Thing s are looking up thought through pills for me , Bentyl , Zyprexa , Calcium , and for that time of the month the maximum streght Midol. I find the cramps and D have settled since I quit smoking stopped drinking caffiene around that time. Although as mine winds down to a close I feel a little more gassy. I havent fixed that yet.Keep our head up and try all of your options. Good Luck!
Amen sister!lol. Sometimes i think men dont realize how lucky they are to be men. I would just once like to be able to trade bodys with a man for a day. Just so they can feel what it is like to be a woman. My ibs is worse to around my period. In fact when i first got the ibs, my periods became irregular, so my doctor put me on bc for that. So far things are better since ive been on the pill. But it still sucks to be a woman.
My IBS really acts up around that time of the month, so my GYN put me on a continual dose of BC (meaning I throw away my sugar pills and never have a period!) It's really nice!
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