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UK meet, a few questions :IMPORTANT!

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Please post to this thread just once if you are planning on coming on the 20th July to meet up.Please post your age as well. I need to know peoples ages because as we were planning on stopping in on a pub we can't do this if we have anyone under 18 coming along. So need toget a quick tally.Im going to use this thread as a kind of register if i can.Nikki
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Hi I'm planning on coming! I'm a 29 year-old bloke.ThanxAmeet
Yep I should be coming too if my pain doesnt get any worse!!My name's Vicky and I'm 19
I should be joining you as well I'm 18Liz
Oh thank god someone is older than me LOL ( guess we will be the oldies Ameet ) Im 25 by the way Linda
I'd really like to come along. I'm 21, see you there.Miranda
Eh-hmm. I will be there and looks like I will be the oldest (at the moment anyhow) at 34.
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I'm hoping to come, but does anyone know if you can park near Victoria? I haven't taken the tube for years and prefer to drive but only if I know I can park. Otherwise I gotta go on the Northern line (which is nasty!). I'm 21 by the way.Sakura
Yup, i should be there xI'm 20 and probably the tallest girl so you won't miss me
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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