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It all started last night I had stomach pain, then I ate and it seemed to have gone away. I went to bed and in the middle of the night I woke up with the stomach pain again. I forced myself to go back to sleep and woke up this morning and I was fine. Then at about 7am the stomach pain started again. The pain is in the center of my gut just below the ribs. The pain was so bad I ended up going to the Dr even without an appointment and he did his exam and asked me a few questions, like... Have I been burping a lot? Yes. Have I had any acid (like heartburn I guess)? Yes. But anyway he thinks I have an ulcer, he said he would normally do an upper GI to be for sure, but he can't do that cause I'm PG. Therefore, he gave me Reglan. Does this really sound like I have an ulcer? What is the Reglan going to do? My son was on Reglan for reflux when he was born for about 6 or 7 months.JoeJoe - I'm glad to see you're back. Maybe you could help me out a little. I welcome anybody's responses and opinions.Thank You.Julia
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you're right, odeal.. no pregnant woman should take tetracycline if she can get around it..
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