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umm yup newbie

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hey everyone.. i was just diaged last night with this deal, but have had problems for about 2 years, just non of the docs i went and seen did anything and just said it was gas. umm riight. but anyway.. one thing i am missing through lack of knowledge, i think my gf knows more bout this already then i do.. since she has a hint of this with her CF. but i see people talkin about ibs A-B-C and D.. whats the diffrence??
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Hey Zero, Welcome to the group, I too was just recently diagnosed after having the symptoms for quite sometime and am fairly new to the BB. Anyways simply put IBS-D is IBS with predominate diarrhea symptoms, and IBS-C, is IBS with predominate constipation symptoms. Anyways welcome and take care!
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welcome! i hope your doctor was able to help you out a big and maybe prescribe something. post anything, any time. were you told if you have ibs-c or ibs-d? that can make a big difference in a lot of what you do to treat it. good luck!
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