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22 April 2009

Sigh. Off all meds as of yesterday. The lymph lumps have become softer but still haven't disappeared . And I've become a lil bit of C than D -- wouldn't complain about the solid BM's if it's not for the pain, always worse when BM's are solid/C-ish... Still multiple BM's, so no luck there reducing the number...

After a search on google, I think now I understand why my dr. was suggesting an ear-nose-throat specialist if the antibiotics and antiviral combined doesn't work... And to my great surprise, I realized after reading all that info that having blood in the nasal mucus every single day is not normal -- it's been like this for me for years and I thought it was normal and that everybody was like this -- I even told my dr. that my nose felt fine and there's nothing out of the ordinary, because I didn't know! It's a bit surprising to discover that it actually isn't... And then I asked Hubby who has a nose problem and always sneezes, blows his nose, and clears his throat and he said, "no, I don't have a trace of blood from there!" ... I mean, whoa, hopefully it won't be like what my dr. was thinking!

Call him now? I'm not sure -- last time after seeing him, an appt. was scheduled early next month... so is it really necessary to call him up with my new "realization"??? I don't know... Is it really necessary? Or am I just being hypochondriacal? I really don't know!

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Apr 22 2009 12:54 PM


So sorry to hear that the meds haven't helped ... though, perhaps to help put your mind at ease, I have had cases where I've gone through the entire course of antibiotics only to have my primary symptoms go away a week to two after stopping the treatment. Evidently they "continue to work" or something.

As far as the blood in the mucus; I know that I have that, too, on occassion, but certainly not everyday. Then again, I had a deviated septum corrected about 5 months ago, so I just chalked it up to that (when it's happened recently). I really don't know - however - what it means if it does happen everyday. I'm sure there are a ton of reasons besides the obvious, worst-case scenario, though. Still, as you know, seeing an ENT to run the appropriate tests would obviously be a good idea at this point.

Best of luck.



Apr 23 2009 09:17 AM

Thanks, MOS!

I've decided to wait for a couple weeks until the appt. and see if by then the lumps would go away. Yeah, hopefully it won't come to anything scary and hope these 2 are just separate things. Fingers crossed.

I remember your surgery back then. How's your nose/throat now? Hope it's doing well and doesn't bother you anymore.

Will keep y'all posted :)



Apr 24 2009 08:10 AM

Let's hope that turns out to be the case

Well, I don't know that it did a whole lot. Doctors say the "septum" is straight now, but its' just as hard to breathe as before. So who knows...

Best of luck!



May 02 2009 04:44 AM

Hey Cherrie,

I´ve been checking your blog for new entries but you haven´t posted any news ... so how are you doing? Do you feel any better? Hope the lymph nodes have gotten smaller.
Thinking of you and sending big (((HUGS)))



May 06 2009 03:42 PM

Hi MOS & Evu, thank you both sooo much!

They're still running tests on me, so I won't be able to really know until maybe towards the end of this month... (sorry I haven't been on -- been having visitors at home and been spending time with them showing them around etc. -- they're here for the whole week, so won't be on until next week...)

How are you doing? {{{HUGS}}} back and I'll keep you posted when they've gotten the results back.

Take care ~



May 07 2009 10:18 AM


it´s great to hear from you! I´m just in the middle of the final exams so everything´s a bit crazy right now ... I hope everything turns out ok for you. ((((HUGS))))



May 13 2009 03:24 PM

Thanks Evu! Sending you good vibes to ace all the finals! Will keep you updated. {{{HUGS}}} to ya!



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