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UNC: The Effects of Hypnosis On Gastrointestinal Problems

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FYI: An excellent article from a top IBS researcher. ------------------Moderator of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Anxiety and Hypnotherapy forumI work with Mike and the IBS Audio Program.
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thankeee eric...i printed it out and will read it....mahalo!
Thanks Eric, very informative and good reading. I needed to relax anyway, I was just reading posts at the Meeting Place Board and it must be a full moon? The females are male bashing so bad it scared me even though I know I'm anonymous and they can't get their hands on me. Sounds like all their significant males are in serious trouble and a massacre is in the making.
Thanks, Norb
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LOL!!!! Norb
!Eric, I'll get that article read yet! As soon as I get this computer back up against the freshly painted walls
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