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Hi I am brand new too. I am 25 and think I must have IBS. I had a baby in May 2003, and in November 2003 I started having my first pains. I was just starting a new job, and away in training, so I concluded it must have just been stress. Then it popped up again right before a big event I had to do. It came back the end of September, and hasn't gone away since. I forgot to mention that my gyno sent me to have an ultrasound this last March, which came up normal. I have also had pap smears, but my pain seems to be in my lower left abdominal region mostly. It does feel like it can be all over sometimes. I have been to a gastro doc, and he has me on IBS medicine. I have been constipated. I have just been so worried it is a female reproductive problem.
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