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up all night/early morning

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Just wondering has anyone else who has IBS ever had cases where they were up half the night with IBS or such as 4a.m. in the morning or earlier with diarrhea? Does anyone else have profuse sweating while this is happening from the abdominal pain spasms?Thanks ~~ murky
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that is usually the only time i get it, just recently did i start gettin sick earlier around 6-9 pm. I have ibs-c though. I went 4 months with being up all night for atleast 4-5 nights a week
i try not to eat anything near bed time and that really helps.
I have to say that the nighttime is predominantly when my symptoms flare up. I can be woken out of a sound sleep and do get the sweating. I have pretty much learned to just cope but recently have been wondering if something else is going on. So many people say that nighttime waking is NOT an IBS symptom, but it's pretty much the only time for me. As soon as I lay down, my intenstines start going. Sorry I don't have any grand answers, just support for you saying your not alone. Anyone out there with any advice would be appreciated.
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