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Upper GI Endoscopy & Colonoscopy..

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I went for a consultation today regarding all my symptoms and my IBS, the consultant was good and im happy with him, he has booked me in for an UPPER GI ENDOSCOPY & COLONOSCOPY with blood tests after xmas,I dont really know what to expect from this, ive been told ive got to stay in a room (private healthcare) and i will be sedated. Would love to hear some stories and information so i can be as prepared as possible!
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I had my upper endoscopy and colonoscopy done at different times, but both were pretty much a breeze. The worst part of the colonoscopy is doing the prep for the procedure. I recommend eating lightly for a few days prior to starting the prep. From the moment you start drinking the prep, plan on being home and near a bathroom, because you will need it (a lot of doctors fail to mention this). Once you get past the prep, all you have to do is show up at the hospital (or wherever your procedure is), have an IV placed and sit back. I woke up for about two seconds during my colonoscopy, but otherwise I don't remember it. I was drowsy for the rest of the day, but good to go after that. Good luck!
I live in the UK. I would love to say they were both a breeze for me but they were not.I was 'sedated' but it cleraly was not adequate enough. The colonoscopy was painful but bareable. The upper endoscopy was horrific and i could not tolerate it at all.The bowel prep is just sit on the loo for 6 hours until there's nothing else to pass.
MagicCheck out our GI Related Diagnostic Tests Forum. Use the site navigator down at the bottom right of the page.. or just click here: you will find much info about both tests.All the best
It makes such a difference if you are happy with the consultant you see.I have had both examinations done under sedation.You need to take laxatives which the hospital gives you before your colonoscopy,so do not move from the house that day!I was very anxious about both but the nursing staff tried all they could to help me stay calm and relaxed and i got through them both.A bit sleepy afterwards,but was home within a few hours.Take care.
The number of people who say they remember nothing about their colonoscopy after being sedated, suggest they were given a fair bit more of the sedative than I was. I was aware of everything, during and after and didn't even feel that drowsy. Neither that, nor the gastroscopy were that bad though, and I agree with those that say the worst part of it is that gunpowder you have to take the day before."It will start working within 2 hours" it says on the info.Errrr, ten minutes it took with me.
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I've had a colonoscopy, but not endoscopy. I remember NOTHING about the colonoscopy... and by nothing I mean: I remember entering the procedure room and lying down on the bed, and the next thing I know I'm standing in the recovery area putting my clothes on. That was a little too much "blacking out" for me. I think I'd rather experience a little discomfort, but be somewhat awake during the procedure. It was too similar to those brain gaps I used to get from drinking too much as a college student. Eep.
I've had multiple endoscopies and they went smoothly and I wouldn't be worried if I had to go get another one. I just let my doctor know I'd rather be sedated well enough to not remember anything and he didn't have a problem with that - just means a little more recovery time as the drugs take longer to wear off. For one of them I had a biopsy taken and had a slight twinge the next day where they took it from but was healed up shortly after.I've also had a colonoscopy and agree with others here that the worst part is the prep the night before. I did awaken a few minutes before they were done, and felt some cramping, but it was over quickly and that was that.
I've had had the endo and colonoscopy (done together) a couple of times. After the prep it's easy, although I always had the full sedation (not twilight). I did not remember anything from the procedures and they were painless. Pace yourself with the prep. Personally I start drinking it an hour or two early to give myself a bit more time to consume the full gallon. I don't think I could even drink that much plain water in the short time they give you without getting sick. Just make sure you're running clear by the time your done.
Have you had your colonscopy yet? If not, read on. If so, I hope it went well for you.I have a history of severe colon spasms with my IBS. I have fainted from the spasms in the past. I was hoping the colonoscopy would reveal why these have been so severe.So what happens when I waken from the colonoscopy? I had the most severe colon spasm of my life!
My husband and a nurse were both about to cry watching the pain I was in. The nurse gave me a Levsin, then another, and after ~10, 15 minutes it subsided. Somewhere underneath the pain, I was thinking, 'where's the doc, he needs to see this' - as they never seem to believe me when I tell them how severe these are. He was 2 cubby-holes down, following up w/another patient who'd just had the procedure, and by the time he got to me, the spasm had subsided. The air that winds up in your gut was the reason for my spasm. If you have similar issues with spasms or difficulty dispelling gas, I'd highly recommend talking thoroughly to your doc about such symptoms before having the procedure. I'm not trying to scare you, I just don't wanna see another person go thru what I did.As for me, I won't ever do another colonoscopy unless they either put me completely out, until all the extra air is out of my gut, or can reassure me I won't have this kind of pain (perhaps a ton of simethicone?).Also, I have heard about 'virtual colonscopies', so that may be the route for me.Good luck.
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You may not want a virtual colonoscopy if you don't do well with being inflated. still takes the same prep and inflation so they can see the colon. But they rarely sedate people for a virtual colonoscopy which is one of the advantages of doing it, but if you can't stand the pain when you've been sedated (or as the sedation is wearing off) I don't know if you will tolerate the inflation drug free. They may be willing to sedate you for a virtual colonoscopy, but I don't know how common that is.
I suffer from severe spasm pain every day and have done for years!I found the prep the worst thing about the Colonoscopy,but remember we are all different in our suffering and effects of medicines,examinations etc.Have you found anything that eases the pain of your spasms?I have not,but continue to look for something,there has got to be something that will help.
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