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Upper right abdo pain

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Hi all - first time here! I've had IBS for years but over the last couple of years have had periodic pain in the upper right abdomen area. Comes and goes - sometimes I don't have an attack for months. When it comes on it's constant, responds to heat, and I have to take painkillers. Can last a dayor so. Have had a gallbladder ultrasound and general abdominal scan, and all came up negative. With the pain I get tightness down my right side. I am wondering if this is just another manifestation of my IBS? My doc wants to get a colonoscopy done (oh joy!) but says she wouldn't be surprised if it is 'just' IBS. By the way, antispasmodics (Merbentyl) don't help!Any ideas?
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What's a hida scan? It hasn't been mentioned to me.
This was discussed on a post "Chest pain from IBS" it might be helpful to you to look back on this pain/gas/bloating board.
A hida scan is a test that determines how your GB is functioning. I had a CT scan and sonogram that showed my GB was fine. I did not have stones. The hida scan showed that my GB was not functioning at all.
Ditto. I recently had surgery for a bad gallbladder. The ultrasound did not show that it was all scarred up. However, a HidaScan showed that it was functioning poorly.
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