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Urge when sitting?

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Hi,This is my 1st posting so I don't know ifI'm in the right discussion group. I must add that that i've been DX w/MS for 18 yrs..but have never lost my bowels.Whenever I'm sitting down I have the urge to have a bowel movement.Sometimes it happens even when I'm walking around too. I've had to leave the store or even worse I've left an appt becoz I felt like I had to "GO"!! Then I get to the toilet & nothing happens.I do have trouble with straining to have a BM & have to use a suppository to push it out. It's like I have no strength in my pelvic floor muscles.I've been trying to eat more fiber & drink more water. I've been eating Metamucil wafers, pears, & fiber cereal too.This has been going on for 7-9 mos..I'm afraid to leave the house just in case I lose it!!I've told this to my Neurologist & he prescribed Bentyl, which really hasn't helped.Any clues to why I have that stimulating feeling all the time!
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I do not know I have the same problem if you find anything out let me know.
I understand how you feel... I don't get out to much because I have over active bladder,and when my bladder goes into a spazzum,It's hard to stop it..and I have to be near a bathroom all the time. But,sometimes when you're stressed,or have something you shouldn't,that'll set it off.
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