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this is my first post on this forum..I have had IBS since i was in my early 20s but nothing like it has been recently..I have a very high stress job and i suffer from anxiety as well..stupid fears like worrying if I will be sick during the night and then cant get to work..I have worked at home on and off for the past 3 years which really helped and made it easier to deal with but now there is good chance i will have to go in every day..I know this sounds silly but i worry about getting sick at work or something else..My husband is frustrated as he wants me to take lexapro..About 15 years ago i did prozac and did not have side effects from it but was able to stop for a while as my anxiety seemed better. Now i am having awful time..I tried Lexapro a few times and only took it for maybe 4 days..I know you have to give it time but did not feel well on it..Yesterday I thought what the heck I would try it again..I just took a 5 mg dose and felt alreight during the day but then woke up last night horribly sick with urgency to go..overheating and then could not go..anxiety sent in..I took a dose of milk of magnesia because i figured that would make me go..I thought i would throw it up but did not..when i woke up in the morning still had the urgency but then finally went..I also have hemmoroids that maybe make me think I am going but only they come out..Sorry about the detail:):) but I hate to feel so nauseus and sort of have fear of vomiting too. I had my recent colonoscopy 4 years ago ..that was my 3rd one..I have to get that done again but they took halfflighly off the market and i was able to deal with that..I guess I am just a mess.

today I am sitting here worried that I will have to call off work tomorrow..I have been with my company for 11 years and am a top performer there in sales..but very high stress as they are always on us for numbers. I did call off first sick day in a long time...

i wish i could used the lexapro for anxiety..but dont want to go through that horrible sickness again..any suggetions of some othr anxieyt med that may not be as harsh

thanks for reading
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