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Hi everyone,

I've been dealing with SIBO for a number of years and I will be trying the elemental diet (ED) in an attempt to starve the bacterial overgrowth. I will be using the home-made Vivonex version of the ED (see page 2 Vivonex Plus version):

I know honey is allowed in this diet but I'm curious if small amounts of apple juice would be allowed during this diet? I can see myself being hungry when I'm sitting on the bus to work and it would be great if I can sip from a small bottle of apple juice.

Also, is it OK to use pasteurized honey in the elemental diet? As I'll be consuming lots of honey for carbohydrates and sugar, I don't think I could afford a large jar of raw honey, so I'll just have to buy the regular pasteurized honey found in stores. Also, is it OK to have black coffee while doing this diet?

Thanks for any advice.

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