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I don't post much, and I've been a member here for awhile, I just don't feel like I can contribute much as my IBS has been unmanageable my whole life. if its not D its C, if not BOTH - yeah you all know that feeling. I've been having a flare up the last few days not exactly sure what it's from, its due in part to having my wisdom teeth removed - talk about fun! and being forced to eat things I don't EVER eat. but today I was having a really bad flare-up and all I had to do was think. and I was thinking hard, trying to remember when EXACTLY my IBS started as far as I know, I've had it my whole life... or had I?

When I was young I had seizures, the first one was when I was like 4. the first time was thought to be some fluke from seeing my oldest sister cut herself, but then I had one at school and it was recognized as something that needed looking into. many doctors trips later, and those painful sticky brain scanner doo-da's. well my parent's weren't exactly equipped or had the finances to deal with this, I had a good doctor though, that was more help to them than I think he gave himself credit for. I was told if I took medication that my body would possibly grow out of the seizures. the first stuff I was put on was; Valproic acid I'm not exactly sure how long I took this. but it was a few months closer to a year if not a year. for people who don't know, Valproic acid is the generic form of Depakote - that I got switched to afterwards. I'm sure at the time it was a money/insurance issue. well I was taken off the medication sometime when I was 11 or 12, not sure and haven't had a seizure in what feels like forever.

but looking up VIA the internet Valproic acid shows up a few times being in relation to PROVOKING IBS permanently. and trying real hard today to pinpoint when all this started, and from what I've asked my mother. It all points to around after I was put on valproic acid. And I've come to the conclusion that this medication is what kick started it all. I wish I had more information to backup my theory that valproic acid is actually what created my IBS, but I was so young. and the information then on medications wasn't what it is now days.

So here's my message I want to get out there. If you, a friend, a mother or brother, a son or daughter anyone that you know is having troubles with seizures or anything else that valproic acid is used as treatment for. LOOK AT OTHER OPTIONS! Please. IBS has ruined me for life, I didn't even have a chance, there was never a day I can remember that "IBS" didn't exist! I'm slowly giving up. I've stopped going to doctors as they are useless money pits, food management is as best I can do, and even then my IBS likes to change things up on me and randomly prevent me from eating certain foods. and getting any sort of REAL Job is a joke. as I get older, the more and more I feel useless and a waste to society and family. I wish I could say it gets better, but it doesn't - not for me.
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