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If marijuana (pot) cannabis is legal where you live or at least medically especially, get certified and buy ACDC strain for instance with a good amount of medicinal cbd and very little (.6%) thc and vape it. Hemp cannabis cannabidiol "CBD oil" oral drops is sold throughout U.S. legally and most places elsewhere if need to go that route, because it is legal with that psychoactive part of < .3% thc, so no high effect. Around .6% in ACDC strain of marijuana cannabis isn't much higher;Local dispensaries should have their lab report's info on the their locally owned crops. Check the manufacturer's website for Lab report on their HEMP CBD oil. Best includes the whole cannabinoid complex and terpines for bioavailability and is organic;START LOW WITH EITHER VAPEING POT OR USING HEMP CBD DROPS AND WORK UP ONLY TO AMOUNT NEEDED for a couple weeks. I would do it separate from other medication that you might find you can cut down on at some point (consult pharmacy and an open minded phd). THEN, get back to us here at this thread waiting to hear your results "PLEASE." THIS IS IMPORTANT for us all to learn by. THANKS!
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