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Hello everyone,

Let's get straight to the point: As a long time IBSer (been more than 14 years now that i can no longer eat a normal balanced diet due to IBS and autoimmune issues etc.)
I am looking for suggestions for vegetables and fruits that are actually KNOWN to be tolerated in most (i know everyone is different but still) IBSer that are sensitive.
To put things into perspective about what that means: the last time i tried 2 banana SLICES (very thin ones at that) i got met with bad reactions like gas, and slight cramps, and a bit of Diarrhea for like 4 days and bananas are supposed to work for MANY people with IBS).

What i currently CAN eat however (besides the obvious non irritating foods like white rice, all proteins and fats) sweet potatoes, corn salad / lamb's lettuce (so glad this one works at least but never tried other leafy greens), macadamia nuts (in small quantities, maybe 3 or 4 every 2 days) and papayas have worked well for years now, not sure why, as some people can't deal with them). So yeah, while these are nice and i am grateful, i really want to EXPAND my diet around more nutritional, dense foods but i am scared to flare my IBS again.
Also: anyone else's digestion WAY better in SUMMER where i can eat bigger amounts of even sometimes do watermelons without issues?

Thanks for ANY suggestions!
Applesauce. Canned pears in heavy syrup.
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