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Vent about messy BM's at work

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Warning--Not for the weak of stomach...Checking in...was having some success on IBS diet combining soluble & nonsoluble fiber, stopped working, then did gluten-free diet, which was marginally helpful...Miralax marginally helpful...Everything thus far is marginally helpful...for a time...Just wanting to vent about discouragement about rank & messy bm's. Not fun at home, intolerable at work. Find myself needing to bring a latex glove & baby wipes with me to bathroom at work.
Just a quality of life issue, you know? I hate the lack of privacy and I hate stinking up the whole bathroom.A lot of dry heaving today before I went to work too. Almost threw up. Having bm's every day but incomplete.I have Kaiser and want them to do more investigation but they say they're done. Colonoscopy, endoscopy normal. CT scan showed full of poop but otherwise normal.Frustrated.
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I was taking 2 doses of miralax a day, and up to 8 tablespoons of milk of magnesia. And still not poopin that much or that easly.My GI doc had told me to take up to 6 doses of miralax a day. I tried 6 doses yesterday with 4 table spoons of MOM. Woke up thought nothing was going to happen. Took another 2 table spoons of MOM and 2 more doses of miralax. And boom, I've had liquid stools all morning.Also changed brands yesterday from regular miralax to equates generic "clearlax" version of the product.
Thanks for the ideas. I didn't know about the generic, I'll look for that as Miralax is not cheap.Two days ago I took 2 tbs of lactulose, yesterday 1 cap of Miralax, not much going on. It will work out eventually I guess.
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