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Requires the exact same prep as for a normal colonoscopy.They also pump air into the colon, so while you do not need sedation, some people who had to have both in the same day (if they find something virtually they have to do a regular one to remove it/biopsy it) said the regular one under sedation was much more comfortable....I do not know how well IBSers will tolerate the virutal one without some sedation as that sort of filling up the rectum at least with air is for some peope quite painful.I also believe that it isn't likely to be covered by insurance just yet (may be later on, but how that will go is anyone's guess) it is more expensive than a regular one, and at least for colon cancer screening they will probably have to do a what % need a regular one anyway (although I think the virtual found somethings that were not in a regular one done before the virtual one).K.
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