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I tried Colofax, and a separate prescription of Mebervine Hydroxide which was stronger. Both of these drugs did nothing for me.I switched to Voltarol, and the difference, ....BANG.Voltarol is really effective on me.I don't think that Voltorol contains any of the ingredients in the above drugs mentioned (even if it did, its not them that are curing me, as the drugs above didn't work).My symptoms for IBS are sharp stabbing abdominal pains. If I sit down and relax as much as possible, that helps enormously. You have to relax THROUGH each spasm, even though you want to tense up against it. Imagine trying to relax all your muscles in your stomach. Stay like that through each spasm. It is enormously difficult, but after 5-10 minutes it works, and you must stay relaxed.Voltorol is very, very effective, abolishing the need for the above technique, but you do get occasional 'blips' in times of stress, but these can usually be dealt with by relaxation.Best wishes, - Good LuckPete
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