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Once every few months for the past 2 years, I wake up usually in early morning and have diarrhea followed by gas bloating, nausea, and vomiting. I've been seen by my general doctor and a gastroenterologist. The gastro thinks I have IBS-D with possibly also reflux, because while the FODMAP diet kept me symptom free for 6 months (had one recent relapse after consuming two bowls of chili), sometimes, I feel sick after laying down. My symptoms are just like food poisoning/stomach flu, so much so that once I had the stomach flu, and I thought it was "IBS," but then everyone else in my family got sick, so that time I knew it was the stomach flu. Otherwise, I can't tell the difference between what my doctor calls IBS and the stomach flu/food poisoning.

Everything I read says IBS doesn't normally cause vomiting. Should I get a second opinion?

I have no bleeding.

I have no weight loss.

No jaundice.

I have a normal GB ultrasound and dr. said I was negative for some "sign" for GB problems.

I have very little abdominal pain.

I get gas and bloating.

Doctor thinks maybe stress might also play a part, and thinks that my brain is affecting my gut.

I also have endometriosis. I asked my OBGYN about endometriosis of the bowel or even ovarian problems, and she said she wasn't concerned about those things. She thought it was IBS and then referred me to the gastro, who also thinks it's IBS. My family doctor also mentioned IBS and only had my gall bladder checked because of my dad and grandma having their gallbladders removed.

I will say that sometimes I just have diarrhea. Recently, I had a meal with lots of mushrooms. I know they are high in FODMAPS, so afterwards, I took some TUMS. I didn't throw up, but I did get diarrhea. It's like if I can stop the gas in time, then I feel better. If not, then I'll probably get nauseous and throw up in addition to diarrhea.
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