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Dealing with IBS-D and navigating my way through a questionable regimen from my questionable nutritionist that features a tedious elimination diet and an overload of new supplements which seems to need their own elimination diet!

But still struggling after a month and not sure that VSL-3 (lowest dose) is not somehow more of a problem than a solution.

Immediately after taking it I get intestinal rumbling and apparently setting in motion increased peristalsis and some loose bowels.

After a month of use I would expect that my gut should have adapted.

Any other similar experiences.

Theralac has been suggested as a substitute by a friend. Slightly fewer strains and supposed to be very good.

Experiences with Theralac welcome.

Is there a problem with adjustment in switching probiotics?

I will confer with my primary physician and GI doc before making a final decision.

The elimination diet seems to have become part of the problem rather than a solution. My only carb for two weeks has been brown rice!

Stress is always a variable and it's stressing me out! I'm sure none of you can relate!


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