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Want to talk to any IBS-D Sufferers in Northern NJ

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I have had IBS-D for years. Am now in a full-blown D attack (6 months), and can hardly eat anything. I would like to exchange ideas, drs., meds., etc. with people in New Jersey. Also, anyone who goes to a Chinese Herbologist/Acupuncturist, I would appreciate knowing where they are, and if they are helping you. You can e-mail me at Thanks, Please help!!!!!
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I am in NJ,but i don't think i'd be much help.I am a C type.I haven't found anyone to really "help" me yet.There are plenty of herb drs and accu. look in the phone books,i did.Also i know for a fact there is one in Somerset and one in Maplewood.Gary Null's books are chuck full of those drs & their locations.Krissy
I am not in NJ but have you read the post on taking a calcium supplement to help control diarrhea. Email me if you like for some info. or check out the thread calcium success stories.Linda
I live in north jersey and have had IBS-D for 8 years. It helps that I take Caltrate plus right after a big meal, vitamin B-complex in the morning and acidophilus at night. i also don't eat dairy (unless taking lactaid ultra), stay away from caffeine, fatty foods and garlic. Hope i can help you some way.
I grew up in NJ, went to college in Boston and stayed in that area ever since(over 20 years ago). At the time there was A GI DR in West Orange who treated my grandmother who also had IBS, though there wasnt much that they could do for her at the time. (I never had a workup till many years later up here). His name was Dr Seigel and he had several associates, some much younger so their group might still be around. I'm pretty sure that there is a support group for people with IBS in Somerset,my brother lives in that area and when I was visiting him I saw something about it. It might be out of Robert Woods Hospital or Somerville hospital. People in a support group would be the ones who would know about DR's. Check the yellow pages of the phone book, when I'm real bored, in a hotel or something I read em, may have seen something about it there. You might want to try the Caltrate, many people have reported good results. Hope this helps
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Thanks to you all for your replies. Right now the Bentyl at night seems to be working a lot better than before, although I am not eating too much now. I have also altered my diet, and don't eat as much junk as before. I will try the Calcium supplements. To NancyCat, Somerset is a little far for me to go right now, I live in North NJ almost to the NY border, but I will check the yellow pages, etc. Thanks for your reply.
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