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This is my first post to the site. I don't usually join forums but was compelled to because I've gained from reading other people sharing their experiences with this very frustrating ailment.

I'll save you the back story of my flare ups with "C", I understand the misery and hope this helps a few folks.

Here's what's worked for me:

This is my "breakfast". I believe these are two 32 oz bottles of water and an 8 oz cup of herbal tea (any kind). I do not eat food until I've had a BM. I've been into intermittent fasting for my diet so this was an easy rule to adopt. I drink these all within the first 70 minutes of my morning. Not chugging but consistently sipping something while I read a book. Like clockwork, my bowels are woken up 60-70 minutes after I start drinking and it's time to head to the bathroom. I've been doing this for 2-3 months, honestly never skipping a day because I enjoy the benefits so much. The urge to go is STRONG and it's always very easy to release. There's nothing magical about the tea, i just add it as part of my ritual and enjoy the variety of hot tea with a little honey in between the big waters.

(WHOOPS) (My photo won't upload for some reason. Picture two 32 oz bottles of water and a mug of herbal tea with honey on my kitchen counter)

The only note is that this regimen can make your BM's frequently watery. That said, it's a much better problem to have than a sluggish digestive system. It feels amazing to gain some control over your bathroom schedule. I generally have relaxed mornings so it's easy for me to do, however, I've even motivated myself to wake up way early on days when I have a morning obligation or travel, knowing that I'll start the day off with that fantastic emptied bowels feeling and peace of mind for the rest of the day. Added bonus: I've been not only constipation-free for 3 months but I've never read more books in my life

I went on a trip with some friends last month, sharing a house, and they'd see me up bright and early every day on the couch with a book and commend me on being such a dedicated reader, not knowing that I was actually rushing to get my secret dosage of water in and hit up the bathroom before we'd all have to head out on the town for the day.

Last thing I'll note: You'll obviously have to pee about every 25-30 minutes during the two hours that follow your morning water fill. I've definitely gotten caught in some tough spots during travel. But the upside is that the hyper-hydration really wakes up your eyes and skin. This regimen made me realize that we really are quite dehydrated when we wake up.

If you're searching for a remedy for your "C" I say give this one a shot and let us know how it goes. It's FREE and easy to do most anywhere so give it a try. You may need to drink even more water/tea than me, just experiment with it and I wish you success.
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