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Weight loss, anyone?

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Hello all! I often read that weight loss is not a sympton of IBS, but gradually over the past year I have lost 18 pounds (actually, needed to) . Therefore, I am curious why weight loss is *not* included in symptoms. Every time I go back to normal eating I have a flare-up. SO, I go back on low FODMAP which eliminates a lot of choices.

My worst symptom is lower belly discomfort - not exactly pain, but I simply don't feel like eating. I have always loved loved food, particularly desserts. :/ However, the joy of eating vanishes with the flare-ups. Do any of you with this problem force yourself to eat? Do you still have an appetite?

Thanks for any help!
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I lose appetite and lose weight on my flare ups because of the diet i follow is very strict and also anxiety makes me lose appetite
Wow, I have the same situation.. I lost a lot of weight some time ago, and it really upset me since I attended the gym and gained muscle mass. I've been dreaming of a sporty body for a long time and always wanted massive muscles, but when I lost weight, I was very disappointed. However, my doctor advised me to add various weight gain supplements to my diet, which really helped. I order them on Rats.Army, but I think you can find them in your city. It's just in time for big Halloween discounts, so I guess I'll order for myself in the future. Take care of yourself and check your health more often
No one told me about such a side effect. On the one hand, losing weight is not a problem, but I wonder what's next. Does it have any additional unpleasant effects?
I haven't actually lost any noticeable weight (I don't think) but I don't literally weigh myself. I can tell by how I fit in my clothes and other signs.
I can imagine it's fairly typical to maybe have weight changes after flare ups. If someone has a fast metabolism anyway, it may be only missing dinner a couple of times, or something like that which could result in losing some weight in only a matter of days. I am like that. I need to eat to keep my weight and have always been that way.

In a flare up it depends how bad it is or how long it lasts.
Normally even when one happens I'll get hungry by evening and eat dinner (even if I couldn't face my "brunch" earlier in the day or had to have only two pieces of dry white toast!
So when I eat dinner there will be maybe two hard boiled eggs and some white rice and lettuce. That's my "extreme flare-up" food choice! But eating that for one or two days doesn't seem to result in weight loss over the course of a few days. Maybe it's because my gut will steady I can eat different things in the days to follow, and maybe it's because I don't shun carbs, and will fill up on something solid like white rice, peeled potatoes, or toasted white bread.
Basically all high-calorie but more stodgy starchy "constipating" foods.
(All the above because I have IBS-D.)

I have been used to a much healthier diet than that for most of my adult life, but needs must when I am trying to control a flare.

I can imagine that if you have had a more restricted diet over the past year, that maybe could have resulted in some loss of weight.t I am not bothered by wheat or gluten, but those (bread, cakes, pastries etc) for instance are usually not recommended on the low Fodmap diet, and those are high calorie foods, so cutting them out might result in some loss of weight
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