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weight loss & depression

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I have hit a bad patch -- had really bad D and C attacks for the last two months, got a hemmie, have to go in for surgery, the works. Together it's meant that I can't really eat. Is it physical, or because I'm so depressed about my health and life? Has anyone had this? And is there anything I can take to stop losing weight?Thanks for any and all advice. It's been a wretched few weeks.
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what does your doctor say? Did he ever mention therapy?Bada
I am in therapy and on zoloft, but maybe my dosage isn't high enough. Or maybe it's just the IBS/pain is making me lose my appetite. My GI surgeon said I should just try to eat normally. Not very helpful! I'm thinking maybe there's a nutritional supplement out there that could help.
I have found when I am having a really bad bout with IBS that I have become just as you say. I am afraid to eat.. but I have also learned that if you don't eat..your screwed too...So when it gets really bad..I go to eating things that are on my safe list..such as rice products..or a piece of french bread with a tad of honey on it. I'm not saying that you may not still lose weight..but I could stand to lose a few pounds myself..
My mom had problems with her weight loss some years back..and it led to anemia.. The doctor put her on baby cereal.. and banana help her put the weight back on.. wishing you the best..
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BRAT: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast, when you're hungry, but afraid to eat, good for any kind of indigestion/stomach upset.
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